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Bookcover - Coleorton Village

A Social & Industrial History Of Griffydam And Peggs Green

Coleorton Village History As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Newspapers

Bookcover - Hamlet Of Lount.png

A History Of The Hamlet Of Lount And The Immediate Vicinity

Bookcover - Staunton Harold.png

A Study On The Origins Of The Staunton Harold Estate

POW Book Cover.jpg

In Memory Of Three Japanese POWs From Griffydam & Peggs Green

Bookcover - Stewarts Of Lount.png

Geneological Studies Of The Stewarts, Birds And Marsons

Coal Mining Book Cover.jpg

The Development Of Coal Mining In The Local Area

Bookcover - Dimminsdale Quarries.png

A History Of The Limestone And Lead Quarries At Dimminsdale

Bookcover - Bake House.png

The Bread Oven Aqueduct Road Gelsmoor

Bookcover - Providence Wesleyan Chapel.p

The Providence Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Gelmoor

bookcover - Newbold Coal Mining&Brick&Sa

Coal Mining And Brick & Sanitary Pipe Making In The Vicinity Of Newbold

Bookcover - 3 Blacksmiths.png

A History Of Three Local Blacksmith Shops

Bookcover - The Bell Inn.png

A History Of The Bell Inn Coleorton

Bookcover - Coalmining Smoile.png

Coal Mining In The Smoile

Bookcover - Heath End.png

A Social & Industrial History Of Heath End And Surrounding Area

Bookcover - Railway Inn.jpg

A History Of The Railway Inn Gelsmoor

Bookcover - J & W Berkin.png

John & William Berkin Pioneers Of Montana

Sherwin Book Cover.jpg

The Sherwin Family

1739 - 1887

Coleorton Pottery Cover.png
Bookcover - Coleorton Railway.png

Coleorton Pottery


A History Of Coleorton Railway & Charnwood Forest Canal

Coal Mining Fatalities Book Cover.jpg

A Record Of Fatalities In Local Coal Mines

1782 - 1957

Bookcover - James Marson Nailmaker.png

James & Charles Marson Nailmakers In Gelsmoor

Bookcover - Ginn Stables.png

The Ginn Stables 17th/18th Centrury Worthington Parish

Bookcover - Charlie Marson Nailmaker.png

Charlie Marson Coleorton Master Nailmaker

Bookcover - Woolrooms.png

A History Of The Woolrooms In Worthington Parish

Bookcover - Development Wesleyan Methodi

Primitive & Wesleyan Development Methodism In The Local Area

book cover - primitive methodist chapel.

Lount Primitive Methodist Chapel

Bookcover - Bug & Wink.png

A History Of Coleorton No3 Colliery (Bug & Wink)

1875 - 1933

bOOKCOVER - Stordon Grange.png.jpg

A History Of Stordon Grange (Third Edition)

bookcover - Coleorton Brickworks.png

A History Of Coleorton Brickworks

Bookcover - Swannington & Coleorton Bapt

The First 100 Years Of Swannington/Coleorton  Baptists

Bookcover - Iron Ore Mining & Smelting S

Iron Ore Mining & Smelting  At

Staunton Harold

Bookcover - Beaumont Arms.png

The Beaumont Arms


Bookcover - Coal Mining Peggs Green.jpg

Coal Mining In Pegg's Green Early 19th Century To 1859

Bookcover - Evolution Of Coleorton.png

The Evolution Of Coleorton

Bookcover - Coleorton Church.png

A History Of St Mary's Church & Graveyard


Bookcover - Return of Beaumont.png

Sir George Beaumont Return To Coleorton & Re-Building Of The Old Manor House

Bookcover - Wordsworth.png

William Wordsworth Winter Garden At Coleorton Hall

Bookcover - Robert Chaplin.png

Robert Chaplin's Architectural Contributions At Coleorton Hall

Bookcover - St Johns Chapel.png

A History Of  St John's Mortuary Chapel To St John' The Apostle & Evangelist - Coleorton

bookcover - Death By Public Hanging.png

Death By Public Hanging Of  A Local Man For Horse Stealing

bookcover - Elverstons Yard.png

A History Of

Elverston's Yard

Bookcover - Huntington Beaumont.png

Huntington Beaumont Coal Mining & Railway Entrepreneur c.1560-1624

bookcover - Angel Inn.png

The Angel Inn


bookcover - The Sporting Baronet.png

The Sporting Baronet

11th Baronet Of Stoughton

Bookcover - Framework Knitting.png

Woolcombing, Yarn Spinning & Framework Knitting In Local Villages

Bookcover - transportation For Life.jpg

Transportation For Life - Hitchcock, Branston & Bull - For Crimes Committed

bookcover - Wesleyan Day School.jpg

Griffydam Wesleyan Day School 1853 - 1921

Bookcover - Bauble Making.jpg

Spar Ornament/Bauble Making In The Local Area

Bookcover - Waggon & Horses.png

The Waggon & Horses Griffydam & The Adjacent Blacksmith's Shop

bookcover - Sion Chapel.png

The Sion Baptist Chapel

Established 1795

Bookcover - Welfare Institute.jpg

The Miner's Welfare Institute

Peggs Green

(Beaumont Centre)

bookcover - Packhorse Inn.jpg

The Packhorse Inn

Preston's Lane, Coleorton

Bookcover - Coleorton Schools.png

The Original Coleorton Hospital & Free School, The Alms Houses, & Viscount Beaumont's Church Of England School

book cover - Memories Made Of This.jpg

Memories Are Made Of This

bookcover - Osgathorpe.jpg

From Asgotporp



Third Edition

bookcover - George Inn.jpg

George Inn Coleorton

bookcover - Waterloo Subscription.jpg

Benevolence Shown By The Village Of Worthington 1815

bookcover - John Kendrick.jpg

John Kendrick Local Business Man & His Family

bookcover - Griffydam Haystack.png

A Griffydam Haystack

The Centre Of A Court Trial

Bookcover - Turnpikes.jpg

Turnpike Roads Griffydam, Peggs Green & Gelmoor

bookcover - Coleorton Fish Pond.jpg

Coleorton Fishpond & Bridge And The Paddock Colliery

bookcover - Griffydam Brickworks.png

Brickworks At Breedon Brand Known Locally As Griffydam Brickworks

bookcover - Mission Rooms.jpg

Promoting The Anglican Faith In The Parish Of Worthington

bookcover - Wesleyan Methodist Sunday Sc

Griffydam Methodist Chapel Sunday School

bookcover - Cleet.jpg

A Synopsis Of The History Of Court Leet & Court Baron

bookcoveer - Sanitation 1870.png

Local Village Sanitation And Conditions c1870

Bookcover - Griffydam Pottery.png

Griffydam Brick, Patent Interlocking House Tile & Earthenware Works

Bookcover - Primary School.jpg

Griffydam Primary School


bookcover - New Lount Football Club.jpg

New Lount Colliery Football Team 1934

bookcover - Loughborough Hospital Fundra

Local Fundraising For Loughborough Hospital

Bookcover - General Strike 1842.jpg

The 1842 General Strike & Its Effect On Coal Miners In

NW Leicestershire

bookcover - William Worswick.png

The Loyal William Worswick Lodge Of Oddfellows

bookcover - Griffin Inn.jpg

The Griffin Inn At Griffydam

bookcover - newpsaper articles.jpg

A Complilation Of  Newspaper Articles

Bookcover - Travellers & Rising Sun.jpg

Travellers Rest & Rising Sun

Beer Houses - Griffydam

Bookcover - Kidgers & Richards.jpg

The Kidger's & Richard's Families Of Pegg's Green

bookcover - Califat Mine Tragedy.jpg

The Califat Coal Mine Tragedy October 1863

Book cover - Coal Hawking By Packhorses.

The Local Hawking Of Coal By Packhorses

bookcover - California Brickwprks.jpg

California Brick Works

Pegg's Green

Bookcover - Anchor Inn.jpg

The Anchor Inn

Pegg's Green

Bookcover - Old & New Engine Inns.jpg

A History Of The Old Engine Inn & New Engine Inn

bookcover - Griffywell.png

A Royal Connection With Griffydam's Ancient Spring

bookcover - The New Inn.jpg

The Red Lion - Peggs Green

bookcover - William Wale.jpg

William Wale Of Griffydam

Bookcover - 1921 Miners Lockout.jpg

The 1921 Miner's Lock Out

Bookcover - Holly Bush Inn.jpg

The Holly Bush Inn

bookcover - Woollen Cloth Weaving In Gri

Trade Of Woollen Cloth Weaving At Griffydam