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Local Historian & Author Of Books On The Social And Industrial History Of Villages In North West Leicestershire

Latest Book Releases

The publication on the

History Of Limestone Burning In NW Leicestershire

 is currently available at

Ashby Museum

This new book provides an insight the history of limestone burning at Breedon, Cloud Hill, Barrow Hill, Osgathorpe and Gracedieu quarries with supplementary information on the “Moira Blast Furnace” and lime kilns because of their association with the Cloud Hill and Ticknall quarries.


It also covers the various modes of transport which developed in order for their products to find markets further afield, including turnpike roads, horse drawn tramways, canals, a horse drawn railway and steam engine driven railways.


The book will hopefully demonstrate how important the industry became to the local community, and to the wider economy of the country. It is also intended to provide a platform for those wishing to carry out further research into specific areas covered in the book.


I hope that you will enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed the researching and writing of it.

Samuel T Stewart